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Saucy Mushroom Onion Cheeseburgers with Gourmet Beans

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Saucy Mushroom Onion Cheeseburgers with Gourmet Beans are just that. Simply scrumptious as burgers go. Total time: 25 minutes Makes 4 servings SHOPPING LIST Meat 4 (6 oz) beef chuck patties Produce 4 oz sliced baby portabellas 8 oz prediced onions (1 1/2 cups) 1 tablespoon minced garlic Bakery 4 hamburger buns Dairy 6 slices American …

Cherry Glazed Angel Food Cake


Cherry Glazed Angel Food Cake. Honestly I haven’t tried this recipe yet but went out yesterday and bought all the ingredients. I love cherries, coconut pudding and Angel Food Cake. Hence I can’t wrong. Psst….. Remember I told you I loved the recipes that came from the LCBO, well this one came from Robin Hood …

Smoking Bratwurst (Mettwurst)

Smoking Bratwurst (Mettwurst)

Smoking Bratwurst (Mettwurst) is different than grilling it or or  cooking brats in a pan or in the oven. the flavour is much distinctive with a rich smoky taste. that depends of course how long you smoke them for and what you type of wood chips you use to smoke with. Smoking Bratwurst (Mettwurst)is not …