Fish recognizes human face and spits on it

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Fish recognizes human face and spits on it. Honest would I lie to you

There’s a rude, spitting fish out there that can distinguish between human faces, and that’s just great.


The archerfish are a strange family of fish that hunts their insect prey by spitting a stream of water, knocking them out of the air or off branches into the water where they can make a meal out of them.

The fish in the study were able to pick out (read: spit on) the specific face 81% of the time in the first experiment, and 86% of the time in the second experiment, once the researchers standardized facial color and brightness.

The researchers found that fish, which lack the sophisticated visual cortex of primates, are still capable of discriminating one face from up to 44 new faces.

The fish continued to spit at the face they had been trained to recognize, proving that they were capable of telling the two apartDr Cait Newport, Oxford University

In the study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, archerfish – a species known for its ability to spit jets of water to knock down aerial prey – were presented with two images of human faces and trained to choose one using their jets.

The fish were then presented with the learned face and a series of new faces and were able to correctly choose the face they had initially learned to recognize.

The fish were highly accurate when selecting the correct face, reaching an average peak performance of 81 per cent in the first experiment – picking the previously learned face from 44 new faces, and 86 per cent in the second experiment in which facial features such as brightness and colour were standardized.

Wonder if they will ever be able to remember names. I can remember faces but names elude me at the best of times. Can’t even blame it on old age. Just a fact is all.

Fish recognizes human face and spits on it, is just darn weird. Great way to fetch dinner though if you are a fish



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