Young Girl Pays it Forward

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Young girl Pays It forward
Young girl Pays It forward

Young Girl Pays it forward is an amazing story.  Young Girl Pays it forward almost brings me to tears when I see someone so young and so strong. Rings true to my heart. Young Girl pays it forward is a story I could not leave alone. Trying to figure out how to continue what she has done and give her all her the credit. Suggests are more than welcome.


Cerebral palsy has not stopped a 7-year old Thunder Bay girl from raising 4-thousand dollars in toys for other sick kids.

Trisha Hutton had an operation done in April at the Shriners Hospital for Kids in Minneapolis.

Trisha had surgery here at the hospital in April, this week we got a surprise when she came back, to donate over $4,000 worth of toys and games! The 7 year old from Ontario started a mission to collect toys to give back to other patients. She made sure to include some cuddly friends for the pre-op room to help comfort kids before surgery. Thank you Trisha from everyone at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Twin Cities!

When she came home to recover, she garnered huge community support along with her Grade Two class at St. Paul school.

Since she wasn’t allowed to play outside her classmates gathered around her inside the school and her home.

Her mother Debbie says one thing motivated her daughter.

“She really has a lot of compassion for other kids. When she sees other children crying she cries too and decided they needed something to play with.”

Debbie says the toys were delivered to the hospital Tuesday.

Trisha Hutton, 7, of Thunder Bay, collected almost $4,000 worth of toys and stuffies for the Twin Cities Shriners Hospital.

She managed to do this in just five short weeks.

Trisha, who has cerebral palsy, has been attending the Shriners Hospital in Minneapolis for the past three years.

Trisha Pics
Trisha Pics

It was this past April, after having a procedure done on her leg, that Trisha decided she wanted to do something for other children. Especially those children having surgery there.

With both legs in casts, she set out to collect toys and Beanie Boos for the hospital.

She wanted every child going into surgery to have a soft friend to snuggle with and Beanie Boos were the perfect size.

With the help of her Grade 2 class at St Paul School and Toy Sense, a local Toy Store that helped sponsor Trisha’s Toy Drive, Trisha collected over 130 Beanie Boos for the Shriners’ pre-op room and numerous boys’ and girls’ toys for the Hospital.

Thank you to everyone who donated and gave Trisha this amazing opportunity to show kindness to other children and to pay it forward.


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